Pursuit oF Happiness

looking for cs:go lessons 

I just spent $200 shopping online

This should be tagged as a life event

-exercises once- “I’m fit as hell”

Some opinions?

I am going to start making my cosplay next week for Anime Northeruu weee~ but I couldn’t decide who I should do. 

My top 3 choices are: 

Lunar Goddess Diana
Heartseeker Ashe 
Popstar Ahri 

some opinions would be helpful :D

In other news - I passed my driving test! :D

Time to run over slow walkers. 

Can anybody recommend good weight lifting gloves?

I’ve been getting a lot of calluses now :c 

Also on the shopping list: 

  • Sports bra 
  • A towel (I’ve been using my shower towel …!) 
  • Booty shorts (◡‿◡✿)

The kawaii life ain’t cheap
I’m legaaaall! Adult life
Arrived in Los Angeles ^____^
I made Christmas cards instead of studying :3 <3

How to fail your exams by stressing out too much, a guide by me

"Wow you’re up early!"
Jk I haven’t slept yet