Pursuit oF Happiness

I can finally do makeup without looking like someone punched me in the face

I’m going to assume any cute boy who tries to talk to me is a serial killer

Tryna eat outside and enjoy the sun without getting attacked by wasps :’(

What a beauty. My friends just gave me 5 grams  Stoked as heck
Heading to Vancouver this Tuesday!

Then Whistler and Banff! much excite. very wow 

I can’t believe summer is over, I’ve been focusing too much on school to enjoy the time I had to spend. Alas, another summer of keeping myself busy to pass time. I’m excited to be able to spend some time with my family and come in tune with nature. Much mountains 

I feel bad for leaving tumblr for a couple days, only to come back when I feel upset or down. I know it’s just a personal website to express your thoughts and feelings but I wonder if that’s how I end up treating people as well. 

My lovely diet consists of sun chips, cheesy Doritos, salted pretzels and crunchy Cheetos